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Bkiddyman Bkiddyman 23 July 2013

Major Epic Saga Overhaul

After getting older, I began to become more open-minded.  I no longer hated XBOX and PS3 nor did I fanboy over every Nintendo system that came out.  Sure, I still like Nintendo, and I believe Nintendo to be the superior company, but I acknowledge that the competitors can make some damn fine games too.  Unfortunately, this open-mindedness also told me another thing.

I should redo the entire Epic Saga series.

And by redo, I mean I want to change the plot, the locations, and the characters.  I would definitely prefer to change the characters that are based on users.  Perhaps the appearance wouldn't be different, but I believe that if any user would like to be in Epic Saga, they should give me a name more suitable for a video game.  I know I'm a…

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Element Knight 375 Element Knight 375 22 February 2012

The Element Rendezvous Rewrite by the ACTUAL Element Knight!

Jared the Saurian, Sephira, Aero, and Beecanoe are continuing on their journey to discover the origins of E.T.G., their friend whom they hear possesses significant power. However they, having entered the dungeon where they must be, notice a strange, rather young figure with slightly long, somewhat light brown hair, a denim blue tunic, gray pants and sleeves, and brown boots and gloves. He is sitting cross-legged in the center of the main chamber on top of a stone pedestal with air, fire, light, and water swirling around its four respective corners. He has his back to them, eyes closed and with a hung head, but after the four stare at him for a few moments, he lifts his head and speaks:

Stranger: So, you have arrived at last, Warriors.


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Bkiddyman Bkiddyman 24 December 2011

Epic Saga Spoilers: My Gift to You

This is a present for Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian, Geniusguy445, Godzilla4000, and Ethanthegamer; all users who've supported Epic Saga Wiki since I announced it was here.

So what is the gift, you may ask? Why, spoilers about what I intend to happen and to be revealed in Epic Saga, of course!

So, without further ado, here they are:

  • 1 What E.T.G. stands for
  • 2 General Kurt's Death
  • 3 How Sauria will be restored
  • 4 Who Sephira Falls in love with

As I'd leaked earlier in one of my scripts, E.T.G. is the son of Terios and Penumbra. So, the name came to be when Terios gave birth to E.T.G. When he was born, he resembled Terios quite a bit, but because he was an offspring of two of the major Sacred Dieties, he could not be considered one himself (which was a rul…

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Godzilla3000 Godzilla3000 30 October 2011

Fusion challenge

Who here thinks they can make pictures of the fusions? This is my challenge.

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Godzilla3000 Godzilla3000 30 October 2011


Epic Saga: Fusion is coming and will be awesome!

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Geniusguy445 Geniusguy445 24 October 2011


I'm working on a theme for the GIW, not here. Just an FYI.

But I also am working to not make 1000 edits on the GIW before the 5th for a reason close to my heart.

Sooo, I may seem inactive there for those reasons.

Halloween theme arrives when I can get it to. Includes new background, logo, and a few pics.

Also working on the new layout for the GIW. Thus, I'm busy. Even without school.

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Geniusguy445 Geniusguy445 20 October 2011

Character layout

Can we decide on how to organize character pages?

How about


as an example.

I... kinda like that layout. Then add extras as necessary. Lke the GG page.

K thnx bi.

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Geniusguy445 Geniusguy445 18 October 2011

issues? again?

So the header doesn't want to show more than two characters in the anti hero category? Sigh.

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Geniusguy445 Geniusguy445 6 October 2011

Changes at the GIW echo

Since the new multi level menus feature was made available, I have been playing with it to make it useful to the wiki. When I figure out how to do that, expect a better version here. Better, because I'll know what I'm doing, and I know exactly what pages should belong where. Hopefully soon. Til then, don't forget your raccoon suit does not let you fly! Toodles!

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Bkiddyman Bkiddyman 15 September 2011

Epic Saga: The Afteryears Preview

I suppose you all want to know what I have in store for Epic Saga: The Afteryears, so here's an unofficial preview of that game.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 Playable
    • 2.2 AI Units
    • 2.3 Other Characters
    • 2.4 Villains
  • 3 Preview Script

It's years after the events of Those Who Fight. Jared is king of the newly revived Sauria, Sephira is Queen of Rannali (with a husband of her own species, mind you. Her love for Jared will be proven to have been a childish phase), Turbo continues to guard the Demon Emerald, Genius Guy, Dark Guy and Galactic Petey, work alongside Bowser as bosses themselves, and E.T.G. waits at Planet Conquest, watching over the universe unlike the other deities that once lived there. Leaving Beecanoe as the only one with a destiny (he refused to tak…

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Geniusguy445 Geniusguy445 31 August 2011

Brackets and infoboxes.

Hi everybody! It's The Genius Guy again! Audience groans. GG glares. Audience cheers loudly. Alright. Today, i was working on my user page, and was wondering how I should post an info box to let everyone know crucial details about the character's involvement in recent games. (Actually, I started at my user page, glanced at achievements, saw that I show upload one picture to a page to get a reward, and begin this path.)

So, I figured, it would be best to upload a nice, new pic of me without text shouting my name. With that decided, I also uploaded the other two pictures I had worked on.

So this is all well and good, when I realize, hey, where does the picture actually go? To E.T.G.'s page to look at the info box. Eh, erm, ok. That looks like it…

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Geniusguy445 Geniusguy445 29 August 2011

Hi all

Greetings, and welcome to GG's blog post number one! Yeah!

This may or may not be an excuse to get another badge. But mainly, this is to communicate with you all.

So, I have the character art for the first three users, and they each have the name hovering over top as part of the picture. Would you like the pic with or without the name? It would take like 2 seconds to remove the name, and less to not, so time is not an issue. I can cater to both.

And just the other day, I was on Cracked and I saw this article that I found rather amusing and fitting for our wikis. But I decided to post here, so this is where you'll find it. Right here. For the video game character, I'd prefer the graph to go counter clockwise, rather than clockwise. You'll under…

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Ethanthegamer Ethanthegamer 16 August 2011

Epic Saga logo voting.

To be honest, I thought we were doing the logo contest for Epic Saga back at Game Ideas Wiki...oh well. :D I vote we do the same procedure...well never mind.

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