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Epic Saga is the first game of its franchise. The game is published and developed by GameCom, with licensing borrowed from Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Square Enix, Konami, and Bungee. It is also the first title released for the Gigacom.


When you begin each level, you start by playing as one member of your team. In it, there are platforms to be jumped on and puzzles to be solved (no Metroid-style backtracking, though). But what is truly amazing is that you can customize what your character does when you run into an enemy.

  1. You fight the enemy/boss in a beat-em-up style in the same area. Upon defeating them, money and experience is awarded, though not very much.
  2. You fight the enemy/boss in an RPG fashion, leaving the level and defeating it in a seemingly different area. Afterwards, you're returned to the level. This style is rather arduous, but you're given much more money and EXP for it.

More on style #1[]

In style #1, you play as one of four team members beating up enemies with an arsenal of moves (the same moves are used for both styles). It's possible to direct an attack in the direction the control stick is facing, and there are three intensities of these moves. There are attacks, Special Attacks, and Final Attacks which can all be used to dispatch enemies.

More on style #2[]

{C}{C In style #2, upon running into enemies, an RPG battle begins, and you have the option to either fight (five of each intensity, listed above), use an item, check stats, or run. When you use a finisher move, it requires you to use on-screen prompts in order to deal the right amount of damage, akin to the Mario & Luigi series; along with some MP. You also need to follow prompts in order to dodge attacks.

{C}{C Note: The RPG Style is Mega Man X: Command Mission based.


Style #1[]

  • A Button: Attack
  • B Button: Special Attack
  • C Button: Final Attack
  • D Button: Summon Pokemon (not on field), Change Pokemon (on field), Return Pokemon (on field; hold D Button)
  • Z,Y, X, or W Buttons: Transform into Super-form. Requires maximum MP. Super form wears off after 5 minutes in style #1 and 10 minutes in style #2.
  • O Button: Lock-On to an enemy so attacks are less likely to miss.
  • L Stick: Move/Direct an attack/throw. When moving, forward is to walk or run, up is to jump, down is to crouch, and backward is to walk backwards by holding, and turn around by tapping.
  • K Stick: Move the lock-on crossfire to another enemy.
  • M Button: Block
  • N Button: Grab


After clearing a level you are given a rank and additional credits and EXP. The greater the rank, the greater the prizes of credits and EXP. Here are the following ranks.

  1. Legendary (instant level-up, 100 credits)
  2. Awesome (EXP 75% filled, 75 credits)
  3. Decent (EXP 50% filled, 50 credits)
  4. Awful (EXP 25% filled, 25 credits)
  5. Horrible (no EXP, no credits)
  6. Vomit-Inducing (-25 EXP, -25 credits)


From The Warriors of Apocalypse's story[]


Name Description Playable Teammates
Solea City A beautiful city under the sun resembling Delfino Plaza. Be watchful of snipers on top of buildings. Jared and Galactic Petey
Hunahi Harbor A harbor used as a port for ships carrying trade items from Scarabia. Underpaid sailors working here are willing to take you out for money. Jared and Galactic Petey
Blazing Beach A well-kept beach that was a very popular tour destination for many Soleans until something appeared there that had been scaring guests away for a long time. Jared and Galactic Petey
The Giant Sand Castle An enormous sand castle built by a group of Soleans as of means to have a landmark for their at-the-time unpopular town. Now Sand Worms use it for nesting. It's near Blazing Beach, so maybe that's the reason why there's a Sand Worm there? Jared and Galactic Petey
Miniboss 1: Sandworm Queen This is the creature that has been causing all the trouble. The queen of all the sandworms led its legions to cause destruction to the city of Solea and to the beach. But you don't really care about saving the Soleans, you just care about getting past it. Jared and Galactic Petey
Dehunga Desert A barren wasteland that shows the dangerous and desolate side of Solea, as in contrast to the nice beaches and parks and cities. Dehunga desert is home to lots of fearsome creatures. All but Beecanoe.
Cahaca Cave A cave housing an abandoned mine shaft. Its inhabitants are mainly creatures, but you'll also find some robots that are strangely still working. Maybe someone's been there before you? Beecanoe Only
Pit of the Punished This is the reason the Cahaca mining project was cancelled. The Pit of the Punished is located near Cahaca Cave, and nearly everything here wants to kill you. Beecanoe Only
Scarabia The other major city in Solea other than Solea City, Scarabia is found on the barren half of Solea. About 50% of its residents live in poverty. Now it's being used as a base to finally bring the Warriors of Apocalypse to an end. All
Boss 1: The Legendary Golems The minister of Scarabia was the one who summoned these beings from their resting place. They look upon Solea with fondness, so they are none too pleased with the WOA stealing the gem that gives life to the planet. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel come first, and then comes the true fight with the master Regigigas. All

White Jungle[]

Name Description Playable Teammates
The Landing Site The large clearing where the Ship of Dark Entities lands. Immediately, creatures all around are angered by the ship approaching, so they will attack its passengers. All
Mystic Forest The first location when travelling deep into the jungle seems peaceful, and it almost is. More enemies will attack you, including a tribe of savages known as the Surghwei. All
Eternal Woods A rather darker area in the White Jungle than others, this is where you trail the Surghwei who have kidnapped Genius Guy and brought him to their camp. Some paranormal dangers can be expected here. All but Genius Guy
Surghwei Camp You have traced the Surghwei to their camp and found Genius Guy about to be sacrificed to their god, Osapwa, who is quite surprisingly real. However, Genius Guy lies on the far end, and the camp is massive with many natives trying to kill you. All but Genius Guy
Miniboss 2: Osapwa The true god of the Surghwei is none too happy that three WOA members are trying to spoil his feast and had killed many of his followers. His attacks are powerful, but predictable. All but Genius Guy


The playable characters in this game are arranged into their respective teams. Only two are playable from the start, but five can be unlocked by certain means.

The Warriors of Apocalypse[]

The Heroes[]

  • Mario (Skill type)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Speed type)
  • Megaman (Defense type)
  • Cloud Strife (Power type)

The Shadowed Ones[]

Unlocked By: Clearing The Warriors of Apocalypse's story.

  • Bowser (Power type)
  • Mecha Sonic (Speed type)
  • Bass (Defense type)
  • Sephiroth (Skill type)

The Federation[]

{C}{C Unlocked By: Clearing The Heroes' story.

  • General Kurt (Power type)
  • Master Chief (Defense type)
  • Samus (Speed type)
  • Solid Snake (Skill type)

The Forgotten Villains[]

Unlocked By: Clearing The Shadowed Ones' story.

  • Dry Bowser (Power type)
  • Scourge the Hedgehog (Speed type)
  • Cut Man (Defense type)
  • Lich (Skill type)

Warriors of Peace[]

{C}{C Unlocked By: Clearing The Federation's story.

  • Roid (Power type)
  • Geno (Defense type)
  • Ryu (Skill type)
  • Yoshi (Speed type)

Apocalypse and His Pawns of Destruction[]

Unlocked By: Clearing all stories.

  • Overlord Apocalypse (Power type)
  • Deathbane (Skill type)
  • Doombot 4000 (Defense type)
  • Nazo (Speed type)


The use of Pokemon in Epic Saga is to simply add an assistant to help out the playable character. The Pokemon each has four moves to use (that can't be changed, unfortunately). Each playable character has a team of six Pokemon (one from each region and a legendary) as follows. {C}{C Note: Links will be added when necessary.

Number Pokemon Owner Moveset
  • Lapras
  • Scizor
  • Swampert
  • Rotom
  • Hydreigon
  • Kyurem
  • Hitmonchan
  • Tyranitar
  • Blaziken
  • Gallade
  • Cofagrigus
  • Virizion
  • Alakazam
  • Steelix
  • Metagross


  • This was originally given the title Epic Saga: The Video Game, however Beecanoe decided later to just shorten it as Epic Saga.
  • Epic Saga and all other subsequent titles have been rated T for Teen.
  • There were originally going to be six members of each team, but was shortened due to the fact that the Warriors of Apocalypse had Mr. Bones and Dry Paratroopa removed and that Beecanoe wanted Turbo and Dark Guy to still debut later.
  • Epic Saga is to Gamecom as Super Mario Bros. is to Nintendo. They're both titles that were not the first, but the titles that made their companies famous.