[The location is a pillar towering over a pool of lava. Beecanoe is seen ready to push Mario to his demise.]

Mario: No! Stop!

Beecanoe: Stop?! STOP?!?!? HAHAHAHA!!!!! You possibly expect me to NOT avenge myself and countless others because you want me to? I will take your pleas for mercy with a grain of salt!

[Beecanoe pushes Mario off the top of the pillar and as he is about to fall in, the scene changes to Beecanoe in bed, waking up.]

Beecanoe: DAMMIT! I KNEW it was too good to be true!

[Beecanoe groggily gets out of bed and puts on his cape and his hat. As he walks down the hall, he is confronted by a Koopatrol.]

Beecanoe: Greetings, Idson.

Idson: Master Beecanoe! I bring urgent news from Dry Bowser himself! A Fuzzy infestation has broken out in the courtyard! What's more is a strange meteor had been seen crashing in the same location!

Beecanoe: {sighs} Just another day in the castle. Idson! Tell him I'm on it.

Idson: Roger!

[Beecanoe and Idson part ways, and Beec heads to the grand door which leads to the courtyard. He slowly opens the door and doesn't see too many Fuzzies.]

Beecanoe: {scoffs} Infestation... My ass.

[He looks for the strange meteor Idson was talking about, and sees it on the horizon. Quite a few Fuzzies are near it, but not enough to be considered an infestation. He walks up to the meteor and with just a few firey punches, he sends the Fuzzies flying across the field. Beec stands over the meteor and notices a marking on it, a marking that looks like a single red eye.]

Beecanoe: This is definitely not something native to the Mushroom Kingdom, that's for sure.

[Beec takes a chance and touches the meteor. When his hand touches the red eye, the meteor starts to shake and it splits in half, revealing the hunched over form of a golem.]

Beecanoe: ...what IS this?!

[The golem stands straight up and notices Beecanoe, he grabs him by the collar of his cape.]


Beecanoe: I-I don't know...

Golem: Are you one of them?!? Are you one of the demons that took my precious home away?!?

Beecanoe: I don't recall taking anyone's planet away, I swear! Please! Release me! The one you seek is nowhere near here!

[As the golem releases Beecanoe's cape, he calms down]

Golem: I seek absolutely no one. Planet Sauria was devastated by the evils of blue and white beings. Since then, I think everyone is my enemy...

Beecanoe: Gee, you have my sympathy, friend. So, every one of you rock creatures are dead?

Golem: If you must know, we are called Saurians. And to answer your question, I am not sure. The whereabouts of one of them are unknown. My destiny is to restore my home planet and its inhabitants.

Beecanoe: That will have to wait for now. Look!

[Beecanoe points behind the mysterious golem, who turns around and sees dozens of Fuzzies rushing down the landscape screaming like banshees.]

Golem: Curses! These wretched behemoths!?!? My own race will not tolerate such nonsense. Thus, I'm afraid of them due to a traumatic experience!

Beecanoe: Then fine, don't fight them. I can handle them myself. Besides, I'm the ultimate!

[The Saurian tries to get up though, much to the chagrin of Beecanoe]

Golem: Do not be silly, I need to stretch my own two legs a little after the ride in the meteor.

Beecanoe: Hopefully those legs can keep up! C'mon!

[The two rush head on into the army, beginning a battle and teaching first-time players the basics. The fuzzies are defeated by them.]

Beecanoe: Easy as always.

Golem: Yes. Fighting these small creatures were always somewhat simplistic... just not in Super Mario World.

Beecanoe: Mind telling me your name, Saurian?

Golem: Thy name is Jared! I was the honorable and modest prince of Sauria before it was destroyed.

Beecanoe: Prince, huh? I suppose I should be honored! Well, please. Come inside here! Perhaps we can provide some hospitality for you.

Jared: I would be honored, newfound ally!

[The two go back through where Beecanoe came.]

Beecanoe: Ah, yes! Lunchtime! I'll take you to the mess hall!

[Beec and Jared move toward the mess hall and run into Idson.]

Idson: Sir Beecanoe! I take it you eliminated the Fuzzies?

Beecanoe: Indeed I did, Idson. And the two of us are going to the mess hall!

Idson: Well, a-a-a-actually...

Beecanoe: Spill it out!

[Jared is unsure of what to think, while Beecanoe is seemingly tapping his foot]

Idson: Dry Bowser requires you to dine with him and the original Bowser, himself.

Beecanoe: What of my friend, here?

Idson: He is invited as well.

Beec and Jared: IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Idson: Just go to the throne room, I'm sure they will tell you there.

Beecanoe: ...very well. Jared, let's move.

[The two are led by Idson to the throne room.]