[The "Warriors of Apocalypse" members Jared, Beecanoe, and Genius Guy 445 go out to the front of the castle on the runway, where other Genius Guys had moved 445's newly constructed ship to be launched into space. Bowser, Dry Bowser, and Apocalypse had followed them to see them off.

Beecanoe: That is one nice-looking ship, I'll say! Excellent work, #445!

Genius Guy: My thanks to you, Dry Bones creature. Such a masterpiece deserves a name, should it not? We can't just refer to it as "The Ship" all the time now, hmm!?

Apocalypse: Name it "The Ship of Dark Entities".

Dry Bowser: {grunts} You and those dark titles...

Apocalypse: I'd prefer my plans and all aspects of it not to be of any heroic or "light" matters.

Dry Bowser: Of course!

[Suddenly, the door of the ship opens up and a Piranha Plant of monstrous proportions steps out. His head is covered in leaves and he has clawed hands and very stubby feet.]

Piranha Plant: Hi!

Bowser: Oh yes! This dumbfounded behemoth is Galactic Petey. He's the result of an experiment to combine the DNA of the ferocious Piranha Plants we've created in the past, such as Petey Piranha and Dino Piranha. We thought the perfect way for him to show us what he is made of and also to have him join this team of yours.

Galactic Petey: Petey make sure he does best! He was on ship making sure engine good for takeoff!

Genius Guy: Ugh! This grammar of his sickens me!

[Jared immediately stares at Genius Guy with a bit of coldness]

Bowser: Live with it. The two of you are going to be in the same bandwagon for a while.

Beecanoe: Sooo... when do we take off?

Dry Bowser: I suppose now would be the time. I will be monitoring you, my servant. Do not make me regret choosing your essence!

Bowser: As for you, Genius Guy. I hope they can trust you as pilot of the ship, as you know it well enough because you DID create it.

Apocalypse: All of you worms! Join Galactic Petey and head to Solea! Go get that accursed Gem of Life! My plan shall not fail!!!

Jared: Come along, everyone...

[The four Warriors of Apocalypse members board The Ship of Dark Entities. Galactic Petey manages the engines, Genius Guy pilots, Beecanoe navigates, and Jared leads the entire crew as they enter space. As they take off, the opening credits roll.]