Judas is the main villain of Epic Saga V (which is more likely an expansion title than a sequel to Ouroburos vs. Beecanoe ~ Final Nightmare). Canonically speaking, the previous title's true ending actually ties in after the events of Phase Two, meaning that the game could truly continue only within the next installment... Judas has an enormous outlook on nihilism and is generally more cruel and horrid than Shiroan! In fact, Shiroan was "revived" as Nightmare Shiroan to fully vanquish the likes of all pure evil and good. So to say the least, there is at least a tiny bit of good in Judas! However, being how he is an antagonist still views him scheming dark and vicious plans, as well as the majority of all the villains tending the misdeeds being brainwashed


  • Judas's concept theme is "Qadosh" by Norweigan Black Metal band Behemoth (
  • Judas's appearance is widely based on a necromancer and has at least a billion zombies that he brung back from the dead, one of them having a slight resemblance to Lord Apocalypse.
  • According to Genius Guy #445 during the "Epic Saga Interviews", Judas seems to have an incredibly high distaste for him, oddly due to him being a bit of an annoyance when it comes to intellect... #445 is smart, alright!