How is Epic Saga: Those Who Fight complete without music is all what I wanna know... But after the music selection to what I gave my sequel to Beecanoe's Conquest of the Judgment Emperor and the last two games he did before that, I can now give out the music for this fifth installment to the franchise. Here it is, and, uh... Beecanoe or Geniusguy are free to help and can maybe take out some tracks that don't seem to fit here. E.T.G. (since I find him a bit of an amateur, still) is able to help out, but with permission by the three of us.

Official Track ListingEdit

1. "Introduction: Beecanoe Attempts a Suicide"; In-game track: "Deep Sea (demo version)" - originally from Megaman X5

2. "Title Screen: Epic Saga V"; In-game track: "Main Menu" - originally from Twisted Metal: Black

3. "Mode Select: Choose your Destiny"; In-game track: "Mode Select" - originally from Super Smash Bros.

4. "Character Select: Surpass God"; In-game track: "My Name is Mud" - originally performed by Primus

5. "Chapter One: Ship of Dark Entities Revival!"; In-game track: "Title Theme" - originally from Super Mario World

6. "Chapter One pt. 2: Entering Planet Conquest"; In-game track: "Tank!" - originally from Cowboy Bebop

7. "Before Map World 1: Roid Dies"; In-game track: "Never Meant to Belong" - originally from Bleach

8. "World Map: Planet Conquest"; In-game track: "Spirit Temple" - originally from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

9. "Chapter Two pt. 1: Enter the Planet of the Dead"; In-game track: "Super Mario World - Koopa Castle (OC Remix)" - originally from Magnus19666 on Youtube.

10. "Chapter Two pt. 2: E.T.G.'s Quest."; In-game track: "Strong and Strike" - originally from Naruto

11. "Chapter Three pt. 1: Universe in Ruin"; In-game track: "Daily Agony" - originally from Shenmue

12. "Iblis and Mephiles Boss Fight"; In-game track: "His World (instrumental version)" - originally from Sonic '06

13. "Confronting the King"; In-game track: "Village of the Blue Maiden (SSBB)" - originally from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

14. "Hyperspace Boost"; In-game track: "Boss Challenge" - originally from Diddy Kong Racing

15. "Turbo and Dark Guy's Infiltration"; In-game track: "Super Mario 64 - Bowser Road & Battle (OC Remix)" - originally from Super Mario 64, remixed by Magnus619666.

16. "Credits"; In-game track: "Those Who Fight Further" - originally from Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

17. "Title Screen (Post-Game)"; In-game track: "The Final Valley" - originally from Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2.

18. "The Ritual Pyre"; In-game track: "Donkey Kong Country Returns Final Boss" - originally from Donkey Kong Country Returns.

19. "Chapter Three pt. 2: Vengeance of the Universe"; In-game track: "Through the Fire and Flames" - originally by Dragonforce.


More coming soon...