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[As the Warriors of Apocalypse walk down a forest, a ninja appears from the branches in front of their path]

Beecanoe: Who the hell are you?!

???: Yo yo yo!!! The name's E.T.G.! A far away ninja from unknown parts... but if you're lucky enough to say "Ninja Town", then you will be surrounded by hearts!

Beecanoe: Ninja Town?

E.T.G.: Man, you are STUUUUUUUPID!!

Beecanoe: Why you little----!!!

[Ouroburos grabs and holds Beecanoe when he tries to hurt E.T.G.]

Genius Guy #445: According to my brain pulses, you appear to hold amazing power! How is that possible?

E.T.G.: As a kid, I studied the Ancient Arts from the true scrolls of the hidden ninja. So watch out or I'm gonna hit'cha!

[E.T.G. pulls out a kunai and slashes off-screen, then the screen switches to the Warriors of Apocalypse where he sliced half of Beecanoe's hat as it slides down to the ground. The Warriors of Apocalypse are shocked in awe]

Warriors of Apocalypse: (This girl didn't even put any effort!)

Beecanoe: MY DAMN HAT!!!!!

[Ouroburos comes over to E.T.G. and applauds the wanderer's technique as Beecanoe seems to be whimpering over his sliced hat)

Ouroburos: That was... was... EXCELLENT, little girl!

E.T.G.: Dawg, you must admit that I'm at the top of my hill! But one problem: I'm no girl!

[The Warriors of Apocalypse froze for a couple of seconds... at least I counted, though]

E.T.G.: ......To soon?

Genius Guy #445: But...but you APPEAR as one.

E.T.G.: Notice my "straw"? You fools are so stupid, arrows ain't gonna be shot by Cupid!

Beecanoe: Umm... some women have them, you twit.

E.T.G.: {sighs} It's a curse. While back at my home, some WITCH turned me into this prostitute!

Genius Guy #445: When did he or she make that plan, young man?

[E.T.G. sits down on his backpack he took out which came from... let's keep that a secret]

E.T.G.: When I was a boy, before some planet blew up... and lemme tell ya: cakes don't go into cups. AH-HAHAHA!!!

[The WOA question E.T.G.'s behavior while Ouroburos is thinking about]

Ouroburos: SOME planet!?!? Whatever this planet was, it looks like my head's clearing up a bit.

[Beecanoe breaks free from Ouroburos's arms and goes berserk on E.T.G.]

E.T.G.: (Uh-oh, let's get this party started!)

[E.T.G. pulls out another kunai knife, goes into battle stance, and sticks his index finger out to the player]

[To be continued]