The Ship of Dark Entities flies over Solea City. Genius Guy, who was assigned as pilot of the ship, receives a transmission on the ship's radio stating they will need permission to land. Genius Guy questions Jared, who was assigned as leader, on what to do. Jared doesn't say anything but instead smashes the radio with his fist. Genius Guy prepares to land, but gun turrets stationed on the rooftops of Solea City blast the ship out of the sky. It spirals through the air and lands in the central plaza.

"I believe we have some fixing to do. I'd be happy to oblige." says Genius Guy.

"Good. Because the rest of us have some company to handle." says Jared.

Fifty human-like soldiers from the Solean guard appear in central plaza and ready their guns. Taking evasive action, Beecanoe grabs a civilian woman and shields himself with her. He then whips out a knife and puts it to her head.

"If you come any closer, this knife will find its way." threatens Beecanoe.

A massive bullet then blows straight through Beec's head. The one who fired the shot was a soldier of burly proportions. He wasn't in the same dress as the Solean guard, but rather another planet. The Solean guards gape at the sight of this soldier.

"Kill the rest, allies. They're obviously after the gem of Solea."' says the soldier before he slips away.

"What gem?" asks Galactic Petey.

"Ummm. Why don't you take Beec into the ship to help him out, huh?" says Jared quickly.

Galactic Petey hauls Beec's limp body onto the vessel, and a solo battle between Jared and the Solean guard begins.

After the Solean guard is defeated, Jared sees the soldier who shot Beec and charges over to him and grabs him by the neck.

"Who are you, and what is this gem?"

"My name is General Kurt, and you don't know what the gem is? I thought you were after it!"

"Do I look like I am? Where are you from, anyway?"

"I'm from planet Earth. The gateway to my solar system is in this universe."

"Tell me about the gem."

"The gem is the life source of Solara. It lies in the very interior of the major landmark, the Giant Sand Castle. The gem gives life to the entire planet of Solara, but can be used to grant life to an individual, but then the planet will plunge into darkness."

Jared stares thoughtfully into space.

"You better not be thinking what I think you are." says General Kurt.

"Shut up! It's your fault the Beec's dead, anyway, so if we follow through with this plan, it'll be you who doomed this planet! Not us!" says Jared angrily.

Jared releases Kurt from his grip. General Kurt gets to his feet.

"This isn't over! I have allies too, you know! I won't let you doom Solara!" says General Kurt.

"Just go away" says Jared.