"Open Fire!" Bowser exclaimed to his troops. The soldiers did as they told, firing Bullet Bills at the menace they knew as Mario. Bowser had kidnapped Princess Peach again, and imprisoned her at the very top of the tower. The Bullet Bills zoomed through the air, harmlessly passing under Mario as he leaped above them. "Gah!" Bowser yelled. "Enough of this! Troops attack!"

Three Koopas charged at Mario. The plumber punched one in the gut with great force, knocking the Koopa straight out of its shell. The shell flew up in the air. With a leap, Mario caught the shell and tossed it at the second Koopa, knocking it out of place. Mario twirled and drilled the Koopa straight into the ground. The third charged and made an attempt to hit Mario, but Mario caught the Koopa's fist, and punch of the fist of his free hand blasted the Koopa straight forward.

Next up was five Goombas. Two of them charged Mario, whom of which simply slid toward them with foot extended and flipped them into the air, leaped and beat them both in midair. He stuck a landing on the third Goomba, killing it, did a flip off of its corpse and landed on the fourth. The fifth Goomba flipped up in the air tried to land on Mario for a change, but Mario saw it coming. The pudgy plumber nailed the Goomba in the crotch with a devastating uppercut, causing it to crumple up and fall.

Following the Goombas came four Shy Guys. Instead of simply charging, the Shy Guys began combining their firepowers to make a giant ball of fire. Mario saw what they were doing, and whipped out an Ice Flower he had handy, and transformed into Ice Mario! The Shy Guys launched the fireball at Mario, and he returned with a flurry of Ice balls. They froze the inferno into a block of ice, of which Mario knocked back at the Shy Guys. The Ice shattered and the fire burst out and blew 'em up.

Two Bob-Ombs were next. They made sure they were near the flame to light their fuses. They also charged Mario, their fuses getting shorter and shorter. Mario was cornered by the two, trying to back away from one but the other drew near. At last, in a suicidal attempt, Mario was forced to suffer what the Shy Guys suffered no so long ago. He flew through the air and landed at Kamek the Magikoopa's feet. "Well, well, well, what have we here? Mario defeated? Bob-Ombs! I'll be sure to notify Bowser so he may reward you!" Those were the last words Mario heard before he went into a sleep.