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[Beecanoe walks into an unknown fortress...]

Beecanoe: Tch! Whoever this person is, I better make the deal and scram!! I already had enough trouble with that rock shit...

???: So you must be the one they call "Beecanoe"?

[Beecanoe gets startled by the raspy voice]


???: My, my... Brash, are we?

Beecanoe: WHO ARE YOU!?!?

???: He is so weak and fragile... The way I see it, there is no way this being could've attacked a Saurian.

Beecanoe: Grr! Don't compare me to that traitor...

???: Now, now, Ouroburos. We must not provoke his inner emotions.

[Beecanoe gasps in delight, then smirks evilly]

Beecanoe: COME TO DIE, COWARD!?!!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!! Man, this is gonna be one hell of a show!

R-Ouroburos: Just what in God's name are you implying? I'm far stronger than the original, and I truly believe I am much more powerful than you are...

???: Indeed... This man has lost his sanity to the fullest. All you individuals wanted power, right? Well power isn't most important... You need skill, intelligence, and stamina before you achieve that.

[Beecanoe stops smirking and glares at the other figure]

???: What is it?

Beecanoe: That voice of yours...! You're a pathetic image of myself.

R-Beecanoe: Correction: I AM a replica of your own self, albeit more well-mannered and full of reflection. You, on the other hand, should be my real duplicate...

Beecanoe: Gah-HAHA!! You must be full of shit to think that I could be your weak copy...

[Beecanoe readys his Penumbullet attack]

Beecanoe: ...Since I know no bounds!! PE--NUUUUUM-BULLEEEEEET!!!!!!!

[He fires a barrage of dark-looking shards at the two replicas... But they both dodge!]

R-Ouroburos: You sad, diluted child... What makes you realize that you cannot hurt us at all? Master, do as you please!

R-Beecanoe: Understood... GGGGGGAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[the "replica" Beecanoe powers up an odd version of a Penumbullet from his hands and mouth]

Beecanoe: You may have evaded my Penumbullet, but you're still weak damnations of myself and that weak rock! RRRRAAAWWWW!!!!!

[Beecanoe savagely charges at his fake image, but the "replica" Ouroburos sneaks up on him and slams the latter to a wall]

Beecanoe: Gyuh?!!?!

R-Ouroburos: My master needs vital time... Stay away.

[R-Ouroburos throws Beecanoe around like a rotten ragdoll]

Beecanoe: NAAAEEEAHHH!!!!! AAAAGHH!!! {Pukes up blood, coughs} I-IMPOSSIBLE!!!

[R-Ouroburos finally stops and then grasps Beec's neck and tightens it...]

Beecanoe: Know this: I won't lose to those who oppose me, especially a stupid rock creature that knows nothing! HOW DO YOU SUPPOSE I SUBMIT TO YYYYYOOU?!?!?!?!?!?

R-Ouroburos: Simple. You lack what the innocence has: true belief in yourself and others... THIS IS WHY YOU LOSE.

R-Beecanoe: Thank you, my dear Ouroburos... You made that poor shell of me wait for so long. That was thankful... But now, Beecanoe, I'll see you in hell.

[the replica rapidly shoots out a blast from his mouth]

R-Beecanoe: LIGHT.... PENUMBULLLLLLEEET!!!!!!!!!!!


Beecanoe: You--- Nuh!

[Beecanoe collapses...]

R-Ouroburos: Well it seems like we have won against this coward... What should we do now?

R-Beecanoe: {sighs} I suppose we have no choice.

[R-Ouro stares blankly at his companion, and then the real Beecanoe]

R-Ouroburos: What are you suggesting?!

R-Beecanoe: We do this...

[R-Beec points at a mirror full of a tainted aura]

R-Beecanoe: We must enter the Netherworld and find Lady Terios, so we can explain this huge problem.

R-Ouroburos: I see...

[The two beings enter the mirror...]


(To be continued...)