[Catapults start throwing bombs at the WOA Headquarters...]

Ouroburos: You just don't know when to admit defeat, do you?

General Kurt: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is more than meets the eye for you, chrome dome! Terios has always planned to rid of all you blasphemic simpletons for over centuries, and my army and I will prove it!

No. 445: Mr. Bones and Dry Paratroopa! Open up our defense grids!

[The duo man the turret guns and machinegun weaponry, with Dry Bone minions for backup]

Dry Paratroopa: {SQUAK!! SQUAK!!!!!}

Mr. Bones: Cool it, laddie! These bugs're all ours!


[Bullets are fired repeatedly...]

General Kurt: Grrr..... YOU FOOLS!!!!! START TAKING EVASIVE ACTION!!!!!!!!!

All: AYE-AYE, SIR!!!!

[General Kurt and his men begin cloaking themselves with an invisibility device]

WOA: What!?!?

General Kurt: Kya-hahaha! You miserable rats can't hurt us... It's useless!

[Ouroburos raises his left fist in the air, giving out the Saurian pledge and heads out into the battlefield]

Galactic Petey: What rock boy doing!?

ETG: [Why, am I not surprised!]

No. 445: You have no idea what you're doing... It's meaningless to go out and end up killing your-----

Ouroburos: DUMBASS!!!

All: HUH?!

[Everyone around him, excluding Zeitgeist, have surprised looks on their faces...]

Ouroburos: It looks as if you have no idea what's at stake. As a noble Saurian warrior, I must take pride and responsibility for the actions I take... If someone gets in my way, there will be consequences that shall be in order. Why don't any of you see this?

ETG: Y---y... You're insane! With all the things that you've been through, the WOA should not have entrusted you as-----

Giga Fuzzy: Shut up, boy... This young man has a strong point. None of us can see truth's face, therefore, he has seen the light, and we haven't. Besides, you're only a rookie of this team, so what do you know?

[ETG takes out his kunai knife...]

Giga Fuzzy: I wish you did...

ETG: You die now!

[His kunai pierces Zeitgeist's throat, with critical damage...]

WOA: {!!!!!!!!!}

Ouroburos: What the---!?!?

Giga Fuzzy: {hisses weakly} GGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

[Zeitgeist collapses...]

No. 445: How could this have happened? ETG, why did you, of all people, do this!?!? ANSWER ME!

ETG: {chuckles evilly} HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You naked apes...

[ETG suddenly transforms, into a familiar being]

General Kurt: ...... ARE HISTORY!!!!

Ouroburos: Just how did you get close to us!?

General Kurt: {cackles} Isn't it obvious, WOA scumbags??? Since I serve under Goddess Terios, the ability to copy the appearance of anyone has been lent to me! Luckily, I managed to take out two worms at a time!

No. 445: You said two worms, correct? Then where's the original ETG!?

[The WOA direct their attention to a brutally wounded ETG...]

Galactic Petey: Ninja boy!!!

[The plant creature comes to the wounded ninja's aid, with the Relic of Negation, holding it up close to his face]

Galactic Petey: {gasps} It not work! IT NOT WORK!!

No. 445: [Damn this conspiracy... First Zeitgeist, now another fallen comrade.]

General Kurt: Hey, "heroes"... Why the long face!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I sink your battleship, amigos?!?!?!?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!

[Ouroburos turns his head over to Kurt, looking more angered than the last time]

Ouroburos: I'LL KIIIIILLLL YOOOOOOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Kurt: HAHA---- What the---!?!?!?

[Ouroburos elbow jabs Kurt's jaw in one blow... Later following up with an insane amount of mount punching]

Ouroburos: GO TO HELL!!! HELL, HELLL, HEEEEEEEELLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ouroburos: Why are you holding back?!?! FIGHT ME!!!!!


[The rest of the WOA team examine in horror...]

Ouroburos: And now I've had about enough......

[Ouroburos summons an army of icicle dragons and sents them to finish the job]

Ouroburos: .... General Kurt of the Netherworld: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!!


{Smoke covers up the whole battlefield, while Ouroburos turns his back and rushes to Zeitgeist]

Ouroburos: ZEITGEIST!!!!

ETG: {seethes in pain} Man, my body!! Petey.... Arigatou.

[Petey shakes his leaves in a comforting manner...]

Giga Fuzzy: Boy..... I'm..... dying.

Ouroburos: Stay strong, Zeitgeist! DO YOU HEAR ME, DAMN YOU!?!?!?!?

Giga Fuzzy: {wheezes} I wish there were more people... Kinda like you.

[The rest of the WOA team turn their attention to the Saurian warriors, with sorrowed looks]

ETG: I don't believe this!

Giga Fuzzy: I really hate--- {wheezes violently} Death.

Ouroburos: WHY DID IT HAVE TO END LIKE THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?

No. 445: General Kurt seems to know no bounds at all, not even our own... As a concluding thought, we were left wide open.

Galactic Petey: What that mean!?!?

No. 445: He knew our weaknesses flat-out, and took away one life that seemed precious: Zeitgeist.

Ouroburos: N----No.... This won't happen yet... IT CAN'T!!! WHY?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

ETG: Be mature about this, man... It has a tendency to occur.

[Zeitgeist takes out a weapon and gives it to Ouroburos...]

Giga Fuzzy: They're all right, boy...

Ouroburos: What... is this???

Giga Fuzzy: Let's all say that this doohickey can help you kill Terios, once and for all... This also brings back a lost friend. In that c---- {coughs violently} case, it's the one Dry Bones being that you held a strong bond with.

Ouroburos: Why, thank you.

Giga Fuzzy: Take care, boy.... I'll be watching you in Heaven with my new friends: God and Jesus Christ... I'm free!!!

[The WOA all wave to Zeitgeist's ghost...]

Giga Fuzzy: AHAHAHAHA!! I'M FREEE!!!

Ouroburos: I AM the remaining Saurian after all these times... Take care, Zeitgeist, and have nice chats with God, and say a few words about me.

ETG: Well, Kurt is nowhere to be seen... Just what the hell!?!?

No. 445: He might have disappeared once Zeitgeist met his own demise...

Ouroburos: Damn.....

[Genius Guy stands alongside Ouroburos, with the latter reaching out the other with his fist]

Ouroburos: Both of us know now what has to be done...

No. 445: Exactly. We need to enter the Netherworld and finish things personally...

ETG: What about moi!?

Mr. Bones and Galactic Petey: AND US!?!?!?

Dry Paratroopa: {SQUEAK!!!}

No. 445: We're sorry, all of you... But Beecanoe knows us a little more than any of you will ever know.

Mr. Bones: I'm his grandfather, and I call "rubbish"!!

Ouroburos: That means argubably nothing. Only two or three of us can move onward... If more of you come, then trouble will not be not promised. It's simple as that!

All: Fine...

[Genius Guy opens up the dimension rift and then stares at Ouroburos...]

Ouroburos: I hope we can make it out alive in one piece...

No. 445: That should happen, but I have a theory that it won't, considering the dangers that await us!

[Both of them later enter the rift...]


Mr. Bones: Please bring my boy back.

Galactic Petey: What do now?!

ETG: We might need to clean up once more... And there's also Ouroburos's ship that needs a longtime upgradin'!

All: Let's do it!

[The remaining team members decides to make some new adjustments before Ouroburos and Genius Guy's return...]

(To be continued...)