Ouroburos: AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOFF!!

[Ouroburos plummets on nearby ground to an unknown area]

Ouroburos: My head... W-where.... Where am I now?

[He looks around at the area's surroundings, noticing lava and a flying Succubus heckling an innocent slave]

Ouroburos: THIS MUST BE---

???: Hell.

[Ouroburos is interrupted by an unknown stranger, wrapped in bandages and oozing slime]

Ouroburos: Who are you? And why do you look familiar!? Please answer me!

???: Let's just say that I am a humble being... In other words, your new guide.

Ouroburos: Saurians are notorious for being independent on their own, thank you. But thanks for the offer, anyway...

???: {hissing} You truly are a genius, and an acceptable one at that.

[The figure comes out of the shadows with a faint smile on his face]

Giga Fuzzy: {hisses} Nice to meet you, kind sir...

Ouroburos: {gasps} You're a Fuzzy!?

Giga Fuzzy: Don't your kind have a need of hatred for us? We're more than just sorry pawns...

[Ouroburos takes a deep breath and shakes his head...]

Ouroburos: Yes, but... Out of your species, you are the most wise and generous one I've never came across. I can never show disinterest for you... But why?

Giga Fuzzy: Ha ha ha! Young man, you're just like my boy back home... He was a handful, but was very supportive during the time being. What brings you here in the first place, anyway?

Ouroburos: I didn't come here intentionally... Ever hear of General Kurt?

Giga Fuzzy: {hisses} Why, yes I have.

[Ouroburos and the mummified Fuzzy sit down at a large rock]

Ouroburos: He is a villain who hates all of us... We hadn't heard of him since, that is, until I met face to face with him in the desert.

Giga Fuzzy: He's changed as well, has he?

Ouroburos: He works for Terios, who is under a curse that made her lose nearly all of her powers and physique, turning her into a child-like figure.

Giga Fuzzy: {hisses violently} Why of all the rotten---!! Terios promised me that if I did my work successfully, then she'd change me back into a Saurian... But now, some other ragtag person is under her wing?!?! DISGUSTING!!!

[Ouroburos looks at the Fuzzy, with surprise...]

Ouroburos: You---!

Giga Fuzzy: {sighs} What?

Ouroburos: You must have been a Saurian just like me, correct?

Giga Fuzzy: Aye, boy... That I was. I think I used to remember you as a youngin, and when it came to be, I took over for a short while as Prince of Sauria when you had a temporary cold. It might not've been good for you, but when I was in your shoes, man, was it everything I thought it would: mission scouting, my own thronerooom, exploring various locations, fighting against evil! When you first discovered my presence, you and I realized I had no name... So you gave me one, and that... was Zeitgeist, meaning "the spirit of the age". What a natural name I got from a fellow such as yourself!

[Ouroburos hugs his companion]

Ouroburos: I can't believe I found you, brother! This meant a whole lot to me over the years, even if I didn't know it... Thank you, Zeitgeist.

Giga Fuzzy: Well, ki--- I mean, Ouroburos! You're welcome.

[Zeitgeist moves back away from Ouroburos...]

Ouroburos: Oh, brother, that's really not my name... This really shouldn't be who I am. Just call me what you've known for a long time: Jared!

Giga Fuzzy: {cackles} I still can't get over that name! Ha ha ha ha ha ha... "Jared"!

[Ouroburos blushes out of embarrassment...]

Ouroburos: S--shut up! That name is well meant.

[Both of them laugh in joy...]

???: Awww, ain't that noice? I came down all da wahy here to kill ya wankers... Dere's on'y two o' dem!

Ouroburos: {gasps in horror} NO! I-impossible... As I remembered correctly, the Warriors of Apocalypse killed you months ago. How the hell are you alive?

Giga Fuzzy: {hisses} You know this fool?

Ouroburos: He's Roid: A cyborg somewhere from Great Britain that has powers that can even annithilate a supreme overlord... I do not know how he lived after Petey ate his heart out.

Roid: Guv, you ain't known nuthin' 'bout mah where'bouts! Crawl home to yer mommy! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

[Roid swoops in, facing the Fuzzy...]

Roid: Ah, yeah! The just desserts on mah lef'! Heard ya got sent here ta Hell by dat twisted bitch...

Giga Fuzzy: Stay out of my sight, you fool!

Ouroburos: Zeitgeist, please don't get carried away! We know this deranged peon, and I think I can handle him on my own... JUST WATCH!

Giga Fuzzy: Boy, you're crazy! Just because I haven't seen ya in ages doesn't mean I'm all that worthless... How about send me in for now?

Ouroburos: {clears throat} Alright, then.

[Roid fixates his stare a little more menacingly towards Zeitgeist]

Roid: No thank you'se! Ain't noh wahy you gonna foight mae, Gramps! It's ovah! AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giga Fuzzy: Being cocky and arrogant is what I dislike the most... Come on, brat!

(Meanwhile at Terios's lair...)

Beecanoe: Haarumph! So what is it you're showing me, girly?

Terios: This...

[Terios opens up a world map showcasing a major list of opposing forces, their locations, and some funny-looking fragments]

Terios: In order to achieve all my true powers, I need you and the two replicas to go to these many areas and kill those protecting them. Once each area has been finished, you need to collect a fragment that carries all of my original abilities inside... After all of this is completed, I will obtain my original appearance as a young woman and also my very powers that caused the destruction of Sauria...

Beecanoe: {scoffs} Got it! {HA! Once I finish this, I'll return back to wherever that piece of rock shit is hiding and slay his ass... BWA!!!}

(To be continued...)