[Police car signals go off in the scene...]

Replica Ouroburos: Tough... And here I thought the City of Herald was meant to be desolated.

Replica Beecanoe: Looks can be deceiving.

[Replica Beecanoe takes out his communicator to call Terios...]

Replica Beecanoe: Ugh! What forbidden city actually has population, anyway?

Replica Ouroburos: From the way I see it, there's only police cars zooming around these areas... You would think because this is a forbidden city, there sh----

[Replica Beecanoe's communicator goes off all of a sudden]

Replica Beecanoe: Shut it, you!


Replica Beecanoe: We've obtained all the artifacts as you wanted. For some reason, it never took much, anyway...

Terios: Then I take it this everlasting mission has been completed?

Replica Beecanoe: Absolutely.

[Replica Ouroburos is loafing off, while his partner looks with nauseousness...]

Terios: What is Ouroburos doing?

Replica Beecanoe: He's resting in an awkward position, but let us not change subject... Have you completed your parts of the task?

Terios: Of course.

[Replica Ouroburos gets up unexpectedly, with vivid proudness in his soul]

Replica Ouroburos: Where is that fool of yours, also?

Terios: The real Beecanoe is somewhere outside my lair... Day after day and night after night, he is still exacting revenge over the Saurian for his actions.

Replica Beecanoe: So do you know when your powers will return in full swing?

Terios: I cannot be aware of that... But they will come soon enough.

Replica Ouroburos: Have you also heard of a tremendous battle at the WOA Headquarters recently? It appears that General Kurt and his army arrived to take down the enemy.

Replica Beecanoe: That isn't surprising, considering all the brash decisions that man can make. He does not know what they're capable of!

Terios: All of this is still irrevelance to me, however... You are forgetting the most valuable members of the team, other than the original Beecanoe.

[Replica Beecanoe's mind struck him, giving himself a puzzled look]

Replica Beecanoe: Exactly true... We have Genius Guy No. 445: a legendary specimen when it comes to sheer intellect, Ouroburos the Saurian: a golem prince with true honor and valiance, and Zeitgeist: a former Saurian-turned Fuzzy creature that once worked with you. The other members of the WOA should serve hardly any importance to you, do they not?

Terios: Yes... Well, return back to the Netherworld.

Both: As you wish!

[The two replicas open a dimension rift and teleport into the black abyss...]


(Meanwhile at an unknown destination...)

???: There have been one too many overlords in this universe and now... an individual posed as a little female with Black Magic powers.

[The person takes off his cloak and reveals himself to his people...]

Nightmare Shiroan: I... have been resurrected once more! Kneel before my supreme status, worms!

[Shiroan's people applaud his words...]

(To be continued...)