[Ouroburos wakes up in a desert wasteland, with bloodshot eyes...]

Ouroburos: Where the hell am I!?

[He tries to look all around him for answers...]

Ouroburos: I should've known!! {Dammit, dammit, dammit!!! What has happened? The last thing I remember was the celebration back at our hideout with the heroes, and now... This.}

???: Don't underestimate me, Ouro! You should've killed them... How pathetic!

[The figure kicks Ouroburos hard in the stomach]

Ouroburos: DAAAAHHHHH!!!!! (seething) WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?!

???: I never actually understood how you became leader anymore... You failed yourself and I!

Ouroburos: ......

???: Ha... Too weak to speak, huh?! DAMN YOUUUU!!!!!!!!

[The figure once again kicks Ouroburos hard in the stomach]

Ouroburos: GUH-HAAAAH!!!

???: You go to hell, now...

Ouroburos: {huff-huff!!} We killed Shiroan once and for all, didn't we? What's your reason for lashing anger out on a fellow comrade, huh!?

???: I want no sympathy for a Saurian.....

Beecanoe: ....YOU ARE A JOKE!!!!! A WASTE OF LIFE!!!!!!

[Beecanoe stomps on Ouroburos]

Ouroburos: AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! {PY-TUH!} I-i-i------- Nguh!

[Ouroburos collapses in pain...]

Beecanoe: Hmph...

[Beecanoe leaves the desert with a look of disgust at Ouroburos]

(Moments later...)

[the 445th shy guy, Genius Guy, sees a beaten Ouroburos in horror...]

No. 445: Who did this???

[He flies to Ouroburos's side and tries to wake him]

No. 445: Ouro... AWAKEN! C'MON, DANGIT, WAKE UP!!!!

[Ouroburos breathes heavily, with Genius Guy being relieved]

Ouroburos: Genius? That you, man?

No. 445: Oh, thank goodness! I rushed over to your location as soon as possible, just to wonder what that shouting was.

[Ouroburos shuts his eyes in distraught...]

No. 445: W-w-what is it?

Ouroburos: Our friend, Beec.....

No. 445: What happened to him?

[Genius Guy's mind is full of confusion, and Ouroburos tries to explain]

Ouroburos: All I remembered was the celebration at our hideout with the good guys, and after that, total blackout... Not sure what else.

No. 445: I knew Shiroan was not good to be trusted.

Ouroburos: He never was at all!

[Ouroburos starts to get back on his feet...]

Ouroburos: At least my injuries from Beecanoe have gone off some...

No. 445: What are you gonna do now!?

[Ouroburos thinks of the past]


No. 445: Huh? Master Ouroburos, keep your calmness in check.

Ouroburos: You don't understand, my intelligent shy guy...

[Genius Guy seems to realize what Ouroburos meant by "restored memories, again"]

Ouroburos: My love and honor for planet Sauria... It has returned at long last! Terios...

No. 445: Who's this "Terios" you speak of??

[Ouroburos explains some more, while clearing his throat]

Ouroburos: Terios is an ancient goddess from over five long centuries, ago... Much longer than when I first came to be. She was my people's one and true enemy, ranking high above that traitor, Shiroan. I know what needs to be done...

No. 445: You want to exact revenge on that fiend, am I right? After all, Sauria is still non-existent!

Ouroburos: You're right...... But first, I need to search for Beecanoe and try to reason with him. {That bastard! What is his reason for having to betray me like this?}

No. 445: My scanners aren't picking up anything powerful or so... Looks as if we may get off of here alive, but there's some nearby enemies in our way.

[Ouroburos glares at the bloody demons in front of him...]

No. 445: Well, this is a little too new if I say so myself.

Ouroburos: Exactly! These behemoths must be minions of Terios, since only she could have such knowledge and power to control the beasts.


[One of the demons thrash around with undescribable rage]

No. 445: {I hope we can make it until the end of the world, itself... We should!}

Ouroburos: Genius Guy...

No. 445: Yes, Master Ouroburos?

Ouroburos: This may sound like insolent crap, but I think this mission should be handled by me and me only... I don't wanna see another ally get hurt!

[Genius Guy sweats in anxiety, and then calms down and proceeds...]

No. 445: Understood... But you'll need one of these...

[He passes a gem to the golem, who crushes it. 445 then throws out a portal opener and goes elsewhere]


Demon #2: KURRRRAAA, KURRRRAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Ouroburos: Hmm... Now that my memories have returned to normal, Sauria can be fully restored in 100% harmony... But first...

[Ouroburos stares at the demons around him, and then thinks about Beec and Terios]


[And so the story begins!]

(To be continued...)