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[In this great battle that kicks off the game, Mephiles and Iblis are defeated, but not dead]

Mephiles: You miserable worms! Just because you defeated us does not mean you won yet!


Mephiles: Iblis, simmer down. Your hunger can wait for now... {chuckles}

Beecanoe: Just why would we go through the trouble of seeking you?! Besides, demons like you are no match for my superior power!

[Beecanoe then points at Iblis]

Beecanoe: We're after that sad, sad creature. What, did YOU think we needed your hide dead just now? We're biding the time!

Mephiles: {snarls} Fools such as yourselves ought not to make such rude endeavors, Dry Bones! If you win with a universal amount of luck, then that's out of the question!

ETG: Luck Shluck! Skill is another thing you gotta have, numnuts!

Beecanoe: Keep those mouths shut! Less talk, more beatdown!

[ETG sticks his tongue out at Beec, although not by disrespect]

ETG: I wanna kick this guy's butt, too, y'know? By skill, I got better... And not only that, we have to work as a team like Jared-san said!

Mephiles: Your wishes will not be granted, foolish child.


[Ibils lunges at Sonic, but Turbo punches Iblis in the side of the gut with great force]

Turbo: Eat that, filthy creature!

[Iblis is furious now, but before it can attack, Beecanoe goes into Spirit Supernova mode]

Mephiles: Hmph! This is the Spirit Supernova transformation General Kurt has been spitting out of his disgusting mouth, hasn't he? If anything, how are you to master such a powerful form by will?

[Beecanoe nods his finger as an "uh uh UH" sign]

Beecanoe: Not at will, but out of desperation, vermin! I can't consider ending either Iblis or your damn life originally, but with this ultimate power, YOU WILL BEG FOR MERCY!!!!!!

[Beecanoe shoots a ball of electricity the size of a house at Iblis. He then retreats to his shell and rushes at Iblis back and forth, puncturing the beast every time he does so]

Mephiles: IBLIS!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!

{Iblis roars in agony and dies. He will never be resurrected]

Beecanoe: Oh, yes...

[Beecanoe then turns to Mephiles, with a sneaky grin on his face]

Beecanoe: ...I hope you're ready to bow down, fool!

Mephiles: "Bow down"?! ME?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite this vast improvement of the super form, I shall not think of the final blow like this.

[Mephiles concentrates, and absorbs all of Beecanoe's energy that he used to transform with, and takes the power for himself]


Mephiles: You have witnessed only a fraction of my power, Dry Bones maggot. I will not kill you off now... And in fact, I'll spare you on a whim. However, the true final battle awaits!

[Mephiles flies away from the fire planet where he retreats to his master's side]

[Sonic cracks his knuckles]

Sonic: Guess we gotta head over to the mountains, huh!? READY!!

ETG: Yeah, so we can get a new ship for cryin' out loud! But first: let's head back to the rest of the team!

[The four reunite with the rest of the team, and they all move to the mountains where the people of the city wait]

[To be continued]