Jared: I suggest that only a small portion of us should go down that area. This way, if we ever appear to fail, we'll have more backup.

[Beecanoe nods his head]

Beecanoe: Hey, that sounds pretty good for a plan... Not that I would think about it, anyway. May I ask who should go down there?

Jared: Maybe I could go down there and lead the way, given the possible opportunities that might be present. What do you think, 445?

Genius Guy: I suggest it be the majority of the Warriors of Apocalypse that go down there first. Yet Turbo, Petey, Dark Guy, and I need to run the ship up here and operate communications and perform analysis data.

Jared: Beecanoe, E.T.G, and Sephira. We should start heading off while we have enough time to spare.

ETG: Ha, sweet! I can show my deadly ninja moves once again!

[ETG makes ninja noises with his mouth, much to the chagrin of an annoyed Beecanoe]

Beecanoe: {sarcastic} You're a real riot, aren't ya?

[Beecanoe immediately stares at Sephira after a while]

Beecanoe: Of course I'm really doing this for my lovely queen! {chuckles} Anything for her shielding us from fire!

[Beecanoe gets slapped clean across the face]

Sephira: Hmph! If only Dad were here, he'd tell you off good. Luckily...

[Sephira rushes to Jared's aid, blushing rather smooth-like]

Sephira: ..... I have this adorable Rocky!

[ETG comes up to Beecanoe after his incredibly small confrontation with Sephira]

ETG: You pretty much deserved that from the start, dude. It would be a good burn if you were insulting the bad guys, but not a nice lady or ally. {mutters} This is gonna be messed up.

[Beecanoe is rubbing his cheek, looking very stern]

Beecanoe: Shouldn't you keep your nose out of one's business? Don't comprehend my tastes in girls, idiot!

Jared: {sighs} Are you ready to make us descend, 445?

[Genius Guy laughs to himself, acting quite proud]

Genius Guy: Mr. Raigon, even when I descend those on standing platforms, what can't I be able to accomplish?

Sephira: Alrighty, Shortstuff! We're gonna be good kids!

Genius Guy: Then it is a go! Dropping altitude!

[The ship flies lower and lower until the ship brushes the ground]

Jared: Well the landing was successful. Okay, comrades, let's move out!

[Beecanoe suddenly creeps up to Sephira with a clingy look on his face, as seductive jazz plays in the background]

Beecanoe: You know what they say: Ladies first! That means you, darling! {giggles}

[Sephira shivers uncomfortably]

Sephira: {mutters} Get away from me, you bonehead! I want Jared!

[Sephira jumps off the ship first, followed by ETG., then Beecanoe, and finally Jared. The ship flies away, and Genius Guy and the rest of the WoA wave them off. The four set off on their trek across the Planet of the Dead]

Sephira: This has gotta be the Planet of the Dead, right?

[The girl looks around with a very frustated expression on her face]

Sephira: Ooooooh, I'm really scared to be here! Please, cute rock, we gotta get outta here! Dad's worried sick, probably!

[Jared smiles at Sephira]

Jared: Everything is going to be all right. {whispers} On the brightside, we already have ourselves one ugly mug in our presence...

[Sephira and Jared turn to look at Beecanoe, with fits of quiet laughter]

Beecanoe: Oh, what are you two knuckleheads staring at??? Better not be me!

Sephira: I know now there's worse things to look at, and this insane horrorfest ain't really scary in comparison to your spooky looks.

Beecanoe: Aw, you're just saying that. (Hot alien girls who look extremely human dig Saurians who bathe in fire? What is this, a terrible fandom issue!? I saved her hid!)

Jared: Silence, you two! I have noticed a few guards over there in that section. We need to annithilate them and be on our way... And I have a giant hunch these people work for General Kurt.

E.T.G: {scoffs} Oh, please! I could knock these bozos out in Street Fighter! Let's take them down 'cuz they're an easy hit.

[Sephira seems to doubt this by shrugging very weirdly]

Sephira: {sarcastic} We hope you're sure of that, Ninja boy...

[The first actual level in the game begins in which you play as the team of four and fight General Kurt's small army]

[To be continued]