Seals are items found in all five Epic Saga main games. The only way to obtain seals is by searching on stages or by having enemies drop them. Seals can be placed on either a party member or on one of their respective attacks. Seals can be applied at the beginning of a level or boss fight and last until the end of it.

Using seals reduces the amount of points gained at the end of a level.

Lists of SealsEdit

Stat enhancing SealsEdit

  • Power Seal: Increases power of all attacks.
  • Speed Seal: Increases speed of user.
  • Jump Seal: Allows the wearer to jump higher.
  • Special Seal: The special gauge fills up twice as fast.
  • Critical Seal: Critical hits land twice as easily.
  • Exp. Seal: The wearer gains more Exp. than usual.
  • Heart Seal: By sitting still, the wearer can slowly regain HP.
  • Upgrade Seal: By equipping this seal, the wearer can upgrade any of their moves without leveling up.
  • Level-Up Seal: A rare seal that allows the wearer to gain a level every time they take part in an RPG battle.
  • Guard Seal: Increases defense of user.

Character specific SealsEdit


  • Necrinferno Seal: Boosts power of Black Fire of the Necrinferno
  • Twister Seal: Boosts power of Dragon Twister
  • Stream Seal: Boosts range of Magma Stream
  • Skull Seal: Increases amount of skulls used in Frenzy Skull
  • Optic Seal: Increases power of Optic Heat
  • Dash Seal: Increases speed and power in Shell Dash
  • Shred Seal: Increases power of Shred
  • Nova Seal: Rare seal that allows Beecanoe to transform into Spirit Supernova during a regular level. It can't be equipped during boss fights like other super form seals.


  • Napalm Seal: Boosts power of Napalm Frenzy
  • Flare/Hail Seal: Boosts power of Blade of Flare/Hail
  • Aura Seal: Increases duration of the Rapid Aura shield.
  • Searstorm/Snowstorm Seal: Boosts power of Dragon Searstorm/Snowstorm
  • Fret Seal: Boosts power of Fret
  • Final Seal: Rare seal that allows Jared to transform into Final Saurian during any regular level.

Genius GuyEdit

  • Synthetic Seal: Boosts power of Synthesized Massacre
  • Refresh Seal: Allows 8-Bit Screen Refresh to be used during boss fights to inflict tremendous damage.
  • Heat Seal: Boosts power of Heat Wave
  • Generosity Seal: Boosts power of Generosity
  • GG Seal: Boosts power of GG and the 8-Bits
  • Psy Seal: Rare seal that allows Genius Guy to transform into Psy Guy during any regular level.