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The Furry War: An E.T.G. Story, known as War of the Furries: A Tall Tale from E.T.G. outside of the Asian regions, is a "furry-themed turn-based strategy" spinoff of Epic Saga.


In a world where animals rule Bowser and his minions and children plot to takeover it and conquer anyone in their way! The League of Saviours plan to takeover the army and save the world!


"*" = Character from the AccelGames/GameCom francise.

  • Spyro
  • Guntz
  • Jack Nife*
  • Bahamut
  • Red XIII
  • Xavier*
  • Heddo*
  • Crash


As the above saids, this is a turn-based strategy game based around animals. Each character above has a unique class. The goal of the game is to keep enemies from reaching the far right side of the screen. Defeating all of the enemies will complete a "wave."