Epic Saga Wiki

Greetings, and welcome to GG's blog post number one! Yeah!

This may or may not be an excuse to get another badge. But mainly, this is to communicate with you all.

So, I have the character art for the first three users, and they each have the name hovering over top as part of the picture. Would you like the pic with or without the name? It would take like 2 seconds to remove the name, and less to not, so time is not an issue. I can cater to both.

And just the other day, I was on Cracked and I saw this article that I found rather amusing and fitting for our wikis. But I decided to post here, so this is where you'll find it. Right here. For the video game character, I'd prefer the graph to go counter clockwise, rather than clockwise. You'll understand when you read it.

As I enjoy the internet, I have made a small list of cracked articles that would be good for people to see before making games. And I have a small list of them on the GIW, under the New page, and the N2K heading. (Need to know).

I would also like to roll out the main page i created a week or so ago on the GIW. Right now, I posted a tiny blurb in the announcements bar, but i haven't heard anything back from you all. So I'm bringing it up again, to review here and let me know what should change, if anything. If nothing, let me know you like it on mah talk page of either wiki. Seriously.

And, let me know when you are going to school/if you're in school now. It'd help me, because I'm not. And I'd like to know who can still choose what time they are editing the wiki.

Um, and i guess that's all. Byyyyye. Thanks for reading. And remember kids, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man angry and hungry for pies!" That's all, Folks! GG445, signing off.